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My name is Lidewij Olive. I am a photographer, an artist and in love with our beautiful world. My focus is on world photography. I make pictures of people and their environment. My photographic journey started a long time ago, together with my love for travelling. When I discovered how beautiful this world is, I also discovered how great is it to photograph it. My travels made me see so many special places and people. Some stunning, some impressive, some sad. But all with its beauty within.



Lachend jongetjeMost of my photo’s can be described as a mix between documentary photography, portraits, art, street photography and humanitarion photography. I think the art of making a good photo is having an eye for the things around you. When I enter a room or place, there are certain things that catch my attention: beautiful eyes, a face that is different from the other ones, a powerfull posture. These things that give me a certain emotion, are the things I want to photograph. I work very intuitive. My way of photographing is focused on natural beauty. I like to photograph things as they are, beautiful, natural things around me.

” This photo is so happy, it always makes me smile when I look at it” Joyce about this portrait I made of an African boy, which she has hanging in her living room and you can see here on the left



With my photo’s I hope to create awareness about the world and the different people living in it. There are so many prejudices in this world, I hope my photographs can make people love and respect each other a little bit more. I learned a lot of lessons in my travels, lessons I would like other people to experience to. For example how important simple things like good health and loving people around you are, that we are all people no matter how we look and that prosperity can make people spoiled. I think it is important for everybody to see how the world looks, reflect on this, and learn about their own world. The local newspaper  wrote something about my travels and my message (in dutch).


I have a lot of experience photographing during the numerous travels I did. Internationally I worked for the Youth Harvest Foundation in Ghana, a local NGO, as a photographer and graphic designer. I have shot a lot of portraits, solo, as well as groupshots, abroad as well as in the Netherlands. With my photo’s I attend exhibitions. Examples of places where I exhibited my photo’s are: a hospital (Travel Health Clinic), a restaurant (het Tankstation) and a school (ROC van Twente).  Information about where my photo’s currently are exhibited, can be seen on this webpage  (in dutch).


To educate myself in photography, I do a photography course. Besides this, I have master titles in psychology and communication.

Together with my boyfriend I have a travelblog, in which we like people to show the world how we see it. I provide the photo’s for the blog and do part of the text. The blog is called ” by my own eyes” and you can see it here.


As a person I am sociable and easy going. I am very good in listening to peoples wishes and people find themselves at ease with me.

” She is very good at getting people to relax and at ease, and at that way get them on the photo at their best.” Rob about a photoshoot I did with him. You can see a portrait of Rob here on the right.

I am also driven and a bit crazy, so I will do a lot to get my photo. I am creative and I like to shoot original photo’s. I like to see different people and cultures and catch them in the best photographs.


I am available for photoshoots, assignments and exhibitions as well in Holland as international.  It is also possible to buy my photo’s. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested. You can e-mail me on: info@lidewijolive.com or you can fill in the contact form. You can also find me on Facebook. You can call me or Whatsappp me on 0031 6 19914408.


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